Lawn Lime

Lawn Lime:

Applying lime to an acidic lawn can help raise the Ph of the soil to be more favorable for grass growth. Doing this as part of your annual lawn care will help keep your lawn healthy while keeping moss and weeds in check.

What is lime?

Lime is pulverized limestone. The primary active ingredient is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Most liming agents will be at least 95% calcium carbonate

Why lime?

You should apply lime to a yard that has a low pH (acidic soil). Grass will struggle to grow in acidic soil, and lime raises the pH of the soil to a level more suited to grasses (and less suited to mosses and weeds, which thrive in more acidic soils). As a positive side effect, lime also provides calcium to plants, a key nutrient for growth.

What Causes Soil Acidity?

Acidity in lawns can be caused by many things. The soil in your area can be naturally acidic. Some fertilizers can lower the pH in a lawn. Here in the PNW the main cause of acidic soil are pine type evergreen trees. The needle droppings and root systems will turn even the best kept lawns acidic if not properly cared for.

When to Apply Lime?

We recommend applying lime in the early spring or fall as it starts to rain.

Most limes called “fast acting” will be absorbed into the soil with the first 1/4 inch rainfall. Larger limes can talk longer to dissolve and seep into the lawn over several rains or watering.


Lime can be applied along with a fertilizer or weed killer and will not negatively impact the effectiveness of these products.

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