Lawn Lime

Lawn Lime: Applying lime to an acidic lawn can help raise the Ph of the soil to be more favorable for grass growth. Doing this ...
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Over-seeding and Fertilization

When over-seeding our lawns here in the great Pacific Northwest we need to take a few things into consideration for planting to be successful. The ...
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Lawn Aeration: When, Why, How

Providing aeration for your grass entails dealing with thatch — which, along with compacted soil lies at the heart of the matter.   The build-up ...
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Lawn Moss

I often get calls regarding moss in lawns. Moss is a small green plant with finely branched stems and tiny leaves. It produces spores that ...
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Fall Newsletter 2018

Evergreen Lawn Aeration   Fall Newsletter 2018   It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about aerating your lawn, the turf sure ...
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