The works is lawn Thatching, core aeration, overseeding and fertilization in a single package.

We will begin the process by detaching the lawn removing much of the dead, matted down grass and moss. We will then rake all of the debris up and place it in your lawn waste container, compost bin or paper lawn bags. (we also have paper lawn bags available for purchase if needed) We can also pile the debris in a predetermined location for disposal by homeowner.

After Thatching we will aerate the lawn using a core aerator, this is the process of pulling small cores of dirt/turf from the lawn. The cores or plugs will be left on the lawn to break down over the next week or so. Aeration is an important step as it opens up the ground for seed to fall into for soil contact.

Next we will overseed the lawn using a broadcast spreader at the rate of roughly 3 lbs per 1000 sq ft. We do this step after aeration to get seed into the holes created by the aerator, this is important for seed to soil contact and where most of the seed will be germinating from.

The last step will be the spreading of commercial starter fertilizer using a broadcast spreader. The make up of starter fertilizer is formulated to not only give the lawn a good shot of food, but also give the proper nutrients for root development. 

Once we are finished it will be up to the home owner to keep the lawn adequately watered, keep traffic off and not mow for 30-45 days. Seed germination can happen anywhere from 7 – 21 days and sometimes longer in some conditions. 

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